Stop Dreaming and Start Testing

by Brian on August 26, 2012 in Personal Development,Winning

Have you ever wanted something or someone so bad that you lay awake at night dreaming about what it would be like to have it?

You spend hours and hours thinking about what it would be like to have that big house with the view, drive that luxury car, live a jet set life entirely on passive income, or be with that girl or guy.

It feels so far out of reach from where you are right now, but the more time goes by the more you think about it and the fantasy grows and grows. You might even start to resent that life has forced you to live without it and become bitter and jaded.

What if some day after 10 years of dreaming and frustration you finally splurged for that luxury car only to find out the driver seat was so uncomfortable as to make it undrivable.

Or what if you finally worked up the courage to ask that special person out only to find out that they actually drive you crazy.


So much time wasted dreaming about something that you didn’t even really want.

What if there was a way that you could have what you want right now?

The dream is different than the reality

Instead of dreaming about the luxury car or other item you want to buy, go take it for a test drive or give it a try. You might find out that it looks great on paper (and on all those websites you’ve been looking at), but the actual in-person experience is not so great.

Maybe the control panel on the Lexus is annoyingly over-complicated and you actually prefer the Honda that you’re already driving.

Maybe you ask out your dream date and are bored to tears because you have nothing in common. Or you find out they are already married.

Maybe you try to start a passive income business on the side and come to appreciate your current employer for having done all the hard work of finding a business model that actually works and is profitable.

On the other hand, you might decide that your dream car is in fact the mana of heaven, your dream date is in fact your soul mate, or make it big with the right business.

The point is to stop building up fantasies in your mind that have no connection to reality, and take action to either living your dreams or putting them to rest and finding out what you really do want.

The power of reward

When you deprive yourself and dream, the toil of life seems like it has no point.

You work through the daily grind with no reward. Motivation wanes, life loses it’s flavor, and you start to wonder why even bother.

At a deep level you are training yourself that no matter what you do or how hard you work you cannot get the things you want. Growing disparity between the dreams of what you want and the reality of what you actually get sends you into a depression spiral.

Don’t do that.

No more deprived dreaming.

You may not be able to buy that luxury car today, but you can give yourself a little high by taking it for a test drive.

That girl or guy might still say no when you ask them out, but you will get a sense of closure and be able to move on to someone else. You will also get a boost to your self esteem for mustering the courage to ask.

You might still fail in creating a passive income business, but you will learn from your failure and be better prepared for the next go around. Better yet, a tiny little voice inside of you might awaken and say, “I can.”

You won’t get all the things you want in life exactly as you want them. But if you make a regular habit of taking shots at it you will get some of them.

Subconsciously you will begin to realize that your actions are rewarded, and that you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

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