How to Read Literature in Translation

January 30, 2017

If you’ve ever played a video game from the ’80s, you know that not all translations are created equal. Just see the humorous All Your Base Are Belong to Us meme for a taste of what I mean. Which translation of a classic you choose to read greatly affects your reading experience. Most classics have multiple …

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Reading the Western Literary Canon in Context

January 27, 2017

I want to read the best stories ever told. I also want to read the stories that show up over and over again in our culture–the culture of the English speaking West that is. You know the ones I mean, you’ve no doubt heard countless references to stories like The Iliad, War and Peace, and Moby Dick. …

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A Free Online Bachelor’s Level Biology Education

March 3, 2016

Could it be possible to put together the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Biology entirely through free massively open online courses (MOOCs) offered by top tier universities? Lately I’ve entertained ideas of going back to school for a PhD in Biology. Most programs require that you have the equivalent of a B.S. in Biology, …

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How to Learn Danish Online

February 26, 2016

Like my earlier post about learning Swedish, my motivation for attempting Danish also stems from a TV show. In fact, a TV show that is in both Swedish and Danish called The Bridge (Broen in Danish/Bron in Swedish). In The Bridge, a body is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the …

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Adventures in Learning Swedish

February 20, 2016

tl;dr – I watched the Swedish sci-fi series Äkta Människor (Real Humans) and it’s now one of my favorite shows of all time. While the show had English subtitles, it inspired me to learn some Swedish for a more complete viewing experience. This post discusses the Swedish learning experience and links to some Swedish learning …

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The Four Disciplines: Vital Knowledge for Business and Life

December 30, 2014

As much as you learned in your school years, once you left school you probably realized that you didn’t know as much as you thought you did and there was still plenty about life and work to figure out. Lately I’ve been thinking about continuing education and what areas we can focus on as adults to …

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