People Skills

What Energy Do You Bring to the Party?

August 21, 2013

In freshman year of college my dorm was hosting a party. I was headed out that night because I had other plans, and on the way out I bumped into a couple of girls who asked me where Steve was (name changed to protect the innocent). Without much thought, I replied “oh, you mean the …

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On Being 30: 10 Things I’d Tell Myself 10 Years Ago

September 21, 2012

People often refer to their grade school years as their formative years as if somehow the clock stops at 18 and then you are who you are for the rest of your life. But that’s not how it really works. The formative years never end. You keep learning and growing for the rest of your …

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Judgment: Stop It From Sentencing Your Relationships

January 17, 2012

I was sitting at the airport gate on my way back to Austin and I noticed a group of people who were obviously part of the same company and coming back from a convention. They were in their off work casual clothes and I found my mind unconsciously drawing conclusions about who they were: “The …

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Chance Encounters: How to Be Excellent in Front of Others

July 3, 2011

From time to time in our lives we have chance encounters with acquaintances or are somehow drawn into conversation with strangers. Even if you have positive feelings towards the other person, these chance encounters can be awkward and uncomfortable. You might find that you don’t really know what to say. Oddly, everyone except you seems …

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