Fixing Problems vs. Building On Success

July 12, 2011

Are you a problem fixer? Most of us approach the challenges of life with a mentality that I call “problem-fix.” In short, your method for tackling challenges is to become really good at diagnosing problems and then fixing them. You might show up to work in the morning and there are already a pile of …

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How to Not Get Blindsided by Unexpected Setbacks

June 9, 2011

Whenever you take on a new challenge, you always start off with a blissfully naive sense of optimism that everything you do is going to work and that you’re going to be massively successful. New businesses, new jobs, diet and exercise programs, and even new relationships all start that way. But then inevitably you encounter …

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The “Could I Still Do It Again?” Insecurity

May 30, 2011

We men have a common story that repeats itself through our lives that looks something like this: Achieve something, time passes, start to feel insecure about whether or not you still have it in you to do it again, go out and try to achieve something again to feel better about yourself. This cycle affects …

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The Importance of Underachieving

May 17, 2011

What if doing less instead of more was actually the key to succeeding instead of failing? What if putting more effort into a project even made you more likely to fail at it? Common wisdom tells us that more is better. If you aren’t getting the results you wanted, then you simply aren’t trying hard …

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3 Powerful Mindsets to Create More Opportunities

May 11, 2011

You could have been successful and famous if only you had the right opportunity or a lucky break. But you weren’t born with the connections of a Rockefeller or the looks of Brad Pitt, so you are doomed to just being average. Or at least that’s the story you tell yourself. Emphasis on the word …

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Single-Minded Focus

April 30, 2011

First things first, second things never. ~ Shirley Conran We often have one large goal or dream that sits at the front of our minds. Maybe you want to start your own business, learn a foreign language, get in shape, or move to a sandy beach. That one goal is so big that it’s more …

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